International projects

Erasmus+ is a program created by the European Union to support education, training, youth, and sports activities. Fagskolen Innlandet contribute to several Erasmus+ projects.

Erasmus+ provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to participate in a wide range of projects and activities, such as studying or working abroad, volunteering, or collaborating with others across Europe and beyond. Erasmus+ aims to improve skills, increase employability, and promote social inclusion and active citizenship. It is open to students, teachers, trainers, youth workers, volunteers, and organizations of all types and sizes.

Fagskolen Innlandet has received project funding and is participating in two Erasmus+ projects: BeWell and Elektro.

Opportunities for students and staff

We believe that international projects are important because they provide opportunities for students and staff to gain new experiences, knowledge, and skills in a multicultural and diverse environment. The goal is to enhance the quality of education, improve the employability of our graduates, and promote international cooperation and understanding. Through these projects, we hope to strengthen our network of partners and contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable solutions in our fields of study.


The BeWell project aims to unite healthcare stakeholders in Europe to develop a strategy for improving green and digital skills within the health workforce. Through comprehensive training programs for various healthcare professionals, the project seeks to address skill gaps and enhance preparedness for future challenges. The consortium includes 24 beneficiaries and 5 associated partners from 11 countries, ensuring diverse representation in the European healthcare sector. Read more ...


This project aims to enhance students' expertise in energy, battery technology, and sustainability, aligning their education with industry demands. Collaboration with European technical colleges with relevant programs and a focus on language and cultural skills will better prepare students for a globalized job market. The project includes a mobility program, fostering international perspectives, improving collaboration and communication skills, and enhancing students' attractiveness to European employers. Read more ...

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